Survio PRO is Survio’s B2B solution for small/medium businesses and large organizations. It has three subscription tiers - Starter, Medium and Enterprise. Unlike our basic subscriptions, Survio PRO supports features often needed by teams, companies and large organizations. 


Overview of the basic Survio PRO features

  • User management and user roles
    This allows you and your colleagues to work together under one account, but with individual login credentials. The number of accounts, or seats, depends on the level of your Survio PRO subscription.


By default

  • Small includes 3 seats

  • Medium includes 5

  • while Enterprise can be customized to your needs. 


Additional seats can be added regardless of your subscription tier. Just get in touch with our Customer Success team and we will help you out.


Each user can be given a role - editor, administrator or owner, so you will have full control of your data (surveys, responses, reports). When an employee quits, you won't have to worry about losing your survey data.

More info about the multi-user functionality can be found in our blog article.


  • Workspaces
    This feature helps you organize your surveys. This is especially useful for companies that create a large number of surveys, and need an easy way to organize them. You can create as many workspaces (folders) as you want. 

  • Data dashboards (built-in BI tool)
    Create multiple dashboards based on the same survey but for different recipients. For example, your CEO can have one dashboard with a single aggregated graph of the data that matters most, or the customer support team can have another data view showing key metrics such as customer happiness. These metrics can be sent to your inbox daily/weekly or monthly to ensure that you stay updated.  

  • Extended distribution channels

  • Integration and automation with Zapier

  • Custom email notifications

  • API access


Request a demonstration now, and let us show you how Survio PRO works!

Survio PRO Enterprise - advanced B2B features

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    Secure, large scale employee onboarding based on the SAML 2.0 protocol is included in the Enterprise solution.

  • Custom login page
    The custom login page is hosted on a dedicated URL address where you can add your own logo and customize the design profile to match your brand identity. 

  • Select where your data is hosted
    The Enterprise package allows the user to select where their data should be stored, in the EU or the US.

Enhanced support & Assisted onboarding

We understand the needs of our customers and partners from organizations of all sizes. Survio PRO provides not only advanced features but enhances the services we provide, by offering:

  • Assisted onboarding

  • 1-on-1 product demonstrations

  • Priority support

  • Consolidated invoicing and the option to pay by invoice

  • The Enterprise package allows you to agree on custom legal documents with us.


 Who is Survio PRO for? 




We believe that Survio PRO can be used by anyone who needs to collect data and opinions from their customers, employees, business partners, etc. Here are some examples of how your business can succeed with Survio PRO:

You can use Survio to ... 


  • collect customer satisfaction

  • improve customer retention

  • improve product/service satisfaction

  • collect feature requests

  • optimize customer acquisition

  • increase brand awareness

  • recruit and hire employees

  • measure employee satisfaction

  • conduct employee exit interviews

  • conduct pre/post-event feedbacks

  • collect patient feedback (Survio is GDPR compliant and is ISO 27001 certified)


... and much more. 


Not only is Survio a powerful business tool, but it is also very easy to use and set up. It takes less than a minute to register and to get started with your first survey. When you're ready, you'll have a variety of options to collect your responses. 




Embed the survey on your website, share a link via social media, send email invitations, generate a QR code, generate a customizable survey link or simply print it out. 


A full list of features can be found here: Premium Plans, and from here you can also get in touch with our helpful Customer Success team who can conduct a demonstration for you, answer any questions you might have, or assist you with the purchase process.