You can set the START and END date of an automatic response collection. 

You can set the date of an automatic START and the END of your response collection. You don't have to worry about manually disabling your surveys. 

1. Open your Dashboard page with all your projects (My Surveys), choose a survey and then click the Settings button. 

2. Activate the Survey deadlines switch and enter the date in the End field. This will be the date when the survey automatically DEACTIVATES itself, and will stop collecting answers. 

A survey with automatic deactivation of response collection will collect answers until midnight of the same day. The next day, at 00:01sec, It will be deactivated and will not collect any responses.


The survey can be reactivated at any time. Just switch OFF any Survey deadlines or, move the end date to a later date.

Warning: If the survey stops collecting answers and you decide that you wish for it to continue, make sure that you have not set an automatic end. This is usually the most common issue with sudden termination of data collection. People tend to forget that they have set something and do not realize that they want to collect data longer than originally planned.