Sharing results is a premium function that enables you to share your live surveys including individual responses on a specific web page.

Warning: DO NOT SHARE RESULTS THAT CONTAIN NAMES, E-MAILS OR ANY OTHER PERSONAL DATA without the permission of those people involved, otherwise you are violating GDPR and sharing the data protection laws of your country. Think twice before you share any data!

If you do not need to make your results public, but wish to share them with your colleagues only, secure this sharing page with a password.

1. Click on the graph icon directly in the survey box on the Dashboard.

2. You will see the Results page. Click Share results on the menu to the left.

3. Turn the switch to the ON position to get your results link.

4. Select what you share with people:

  • If you do not wish to publish individual responses, turn the first switch to the OFF position.
  • If you do not want to allow downloads of individual responses and summary result reports, turn the second switch to the OFF position.

5. Open the web link (URL address), for example:

6. Send this link to your colleagues or, publish it on your web page or Facebook page.

7. Web pages with results are compatible with all devices, and can also be viewed on smartphones.