Most of the supported payment methods process transactions immediately. This means that when you pay by credit card, paypal or other electronic methods, premium services will be activated almost immediately after the payment confirmation.

Any user who does not have active premium services, will see the information saying the account is in the FREE mode on the dashboard.

Immediately after you have made a payment, take a look at the dashboard and you should see the name of the plan you have just purchased, for example: ELITE.

Warning: There are payment methods that need more time for the transaction confirmation. E.g. a bank transfer (up to 3 business days), Boleto, and other specific local payment methods. If you made the payment using one of these methods, your premium services activation will be delayed until your payment is confirmed by our payment provider. Be sure to consider this delay when planning the premium services usage!

Recommendation: If you need to launch the premium services immediately, select a credit card or PayPal payment method.