Individual answers represent individual completed questionnaires. One answer = one completed questionnaire. 

FREE users can see the results and graphs in the application up to a limit of 100 responses per month.  Reward customers work with higher limits and can also download the results and individual answers according to the activated variant .

1. For quick access to the overall results, click on the icon of the graph for the selected questionnaire on the introductory screen .

2. You come to the Results application , where you can view the overall results.  In the menu, click the Individual Answers option .

3. You will see a table in which the individual lines represent individual answers (completed questionnaires) and columns represent the questions in your questionnaire .

4. You can delete the answer by clicking on the icon of the basket , with the YES toggle in the "Use?" Column you can  deactivate the answer from processing . Such an answer is then not included in the results (e.g. suitable for discarding the test questions you have completed).

5. If you move to the line with the mouse, the color of the line will be discolored.

6. If you click on the line, the selected answer is currently shown in the questionnaire.