Mass e-mail invitations is a premium feature. To start using them, activate the BUSINESS or ELITE premium plan first.

1. Open the Get Responses link from the top menu in your survey, next, click the Send invitations button.

2. If this is your first invitation campaign, proceed by clicking the Start Now button in the pop-up window.

3. If you already have some campaigns, then you should see a list of these. To create a new campaign click the button + New Invitation.

4. Add your e-mail addresses of all the people you want to invite to participate in your survey.

Tip: If this is the first time you have used the e-mail invitations app, we recommend that you start with a few addresses, for instance, (your own, colleagues and friends) to figure out how this app functions and what the settings and options are.

When you are ready and sure about what you are doing, you can then add all the e-mail addresses and launch the whole invitation campaign. Once the campaign is saved and sent, it cannot be edited or changed and will be delivered to all of your contacts. This is why you should take your time selecting carefully.

5. If you are going to invite many contacts, you can upload a CSV file with all your e-mail addresses.


There is a link to the demo CSV file at the bottom, so you know what to put inside.

6. When you've uploaded your contacts, click the Continue button.

7. Create a unique, invitation message text in the second step. You can use default texts, just check the name form and add your signature (name, company name, phone number, etc.).

Tip: Did you know that you can plan the date of your invitation campaign dispatch? Click the “When to send,” and add the exact time and day of the automatic campaign start.

8. TEST your campaign BEFORE you RUN it! 

Just click the link Send Test Invitation and wait for the test invitation e-mail. 

If you are satisfied that everything works the way you want it to, press Continue.

9. Set automatic reminders in the third step by clicking on the Create Reminder button.

The reminder is a second e-mail that is sent only to those contacts who haven't completed your survey after a certain period. This function will help you to collect more responses.

10. Use the default texts, but creating your own message is more personal and could work more efficiently. You can set the reminder e-mail and sending date to 3, 5, 7 or 14 days after the first invitation e-mail.

11. It is necessary to confirm the last step before you click the Confirm & Send button on the summary page.

Warning: If you do not set the postponed date of your invitation campaign, your e-mail invitations will be immediately sent to all the recipients. It is not possible to Cancel this running campaign!