If you have any invitation campaigns, go into their statistics or to delivery data for valuable insights. Delivery statistics can help you to create better campaigns in the future and get more responses. Check the details for all of the responses and see who has already responded.

1. Open the Get Responses link from the top menu. Then click on the E-mail invitations button.

2. You will see the list of invitation campaigns with their delivery details, reminder settings and number of recipients.

Click the graph icon to see delivery statistics such as delivery rate, open rate, click rate and the submission rate.

3. Get details of the invitation by clicking the „→“ symbol to open up the campaign data where you can see each and every recipient and the status: For instance-delivered / bounced, responded / not responded, etc.

Example: Create your own newsletter where you can say personal Thank yous or offer discount codes to all the respondents who submitted your survey successfully. Try to contact all of your customers who did not respond to get answers from them.

Tip: If you plan a bigger campaign, let’s say to 5000 respondents, we recommend that you split the campaign into multiple parts. Create a group of 100 respondents and send it,then change the invitation subject text and send it to the second group of 100 respondents. Next,  you can compare the open rates of the first and second group and see which version performed better. This is called A/B testing, which can help you find the best working e-mail with an invitation. When you have the best version possible,  send it to the rest of the 4800 contacts.