1. Before you send a survey to respondents, ALWAYS test it properly.

  2. Ensure that you send the correct survey URL address (link). 

  3. Some users send the preview URL address to their respondents which is a mistake because testing surveys do NOT collect answers.

Example of a preview survey link (does not collect data): 

Example of correct survey link which collects data:

When you test your survey make sure to:

  • Correct any typos.

  • Check that the survey has all the questions you need.

  • Check that your survey is ACTIVATED for response collection (most errors are made in automatic collection settings),

  • Check that the survey logic rules function the way you want (if you have set it).

How to run a survey test (preview)

1. Click on the Preview button in the main menu.

2. You will see the pop-up window where you click on the CONTINUE button. The preview mode does not save answers, so you can go through the survey as many times as you wish. There is no need to worry about the data.

3. If you wish to save your answers, click on the link “click here”  which takes you to the live survey.

4. When you are sure that everything works the way you want, then open the Get Responses page where you get a survey link that you can share with respondents. 

Tip: If you save your own responses when you test the survey, then, you might want to unfilter or (delete) them, so they do not influence your final results. Open the Individual responses page and deactivate all unwanted answers.