Warning: NEVER EDIT A LIVE SURVEY that is collecting answers. This could cause irrevocable damage to responses that have already been collected. By changing the texts of the questions, this changes their meaning and the data may not make sense anymore. There will no longer be possible to repair or reverse any changes you have made! 

Inactive surveys (that are not yet collecting responses) can be edited without any risk. You can edit questions, add pagesupload a logochange its designset logic rules, etc.

Editing questions

1. Click on the question you want to edit in the survey editor, and click Edit

2. You will see a dialogue box where you can make the necessary changes. Click save when you're satisfied. You may also embed a YouTube-video or an image to your question. For more information about this, please check out these articles: Adding a video to your question and Adding an image to your question

The changes are visible to you immediately.