Individual responses represent individual submitted surveys. 

One response = one submitted survey.

FREE users can see the results in graphs and tables in the application with a 100 responses per month limit

Premium customers have increased limits and can download summary results and individual responses according to their active premium plan.

1. Click on the graph icon directly in the survey box on the Dashboard.

2. You will see the Results page. Click on the Individual responses option in the left-hand menu. You will see a table where each row represent submitted surveys (One row = One answered survey) and the columns are questions in your survey.

3. You can deactivate any response in your survey by ticking it and clicking Hide. A deactivated answer is NOT deleted, but will not be included in the summary results and the reports (useful when you wish to deactivate low quality answers, testing data, etc.). If necessary you can also delete the answer. Deleted answers can not be recovered. 

4. If you click any row, you can see the details of each response.