1. On the main dashboard, open a survey whose data you would like to back up. 

2. Go to Settings in the top menu, and then click the Integrations tab.

3. Select a backup platform of your choice - Dropbox, Google Drive, or MS OneDrive and click the CONNECT button. 

After you’ve connected your account to Survio, the only remaining steps are to select a name for the folder that will be created on your cloud service, and to choose at what time of day you’d like the synchronization to take place.

4. Click Continue and wait for the final message confirming that the synchronization was successful.

The date and time of the latest backup, backup folder name and connection status are always displayed on the Integrations dashboard. Survey data is backed up in the following formats: .csv / .docx / .pdf / .pptx / .xls. You can also disconnect backup services at any point.

Automatic backup to Dropbox, Google Drive, and MS OneDrive is a paid feature

Tip: With the Google Sheets integration, you can export responses in an .xls format from Survio to your Google account, while Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive give you a peace of mind thanks to their cloud storage functionality. Data is backed up every day.