The closed-ended is the most commonly used question type in all surveys that lets respondents select one answer from a defined list of choices:

  • Rating as in school with grades 1 to 5 (numerical scale),
  • Likert's scale (very satisfied, rather satisfied, not satisfied or dissatisfied, rather dissatisfied, very dissatisfied)
  • Gender (male, female), etc.

Analyzing results

The number of occurrences (frequency in absolute value) and percentages (frequency of occurrences in relative value) can be evaluated.


Most graphs, typically pie and bar graphs, can be used to display results.

Options & Settings

  • Show the answers (option) in a row, in a column or in a drop-down menu.

  • Add an image or video to the question.
  • Add an option for the respondent's own response ("Other" answer).
  • Require an answer.