This is a specific type of question which should be used wisely and ONLY in justified cases where you want the respondent to choose from more answers on each row. For example, if the respondent assigns a role or intent to a group of people, for example in the family.

Warning: This question should generally not be used for scale questions (Likert scale for example).

Analyzing results

Because it is basically a combination of several questions with multiple responses, some methods of evaluation cannot be used. 

You can evaluate frequencies in relative and absolute values (percentages or number of occurrences). Just be careful about the basis of the calculation. The number of answers is not equal to the number of respondents, because your respondents can choose more answers.


Only column charts can be used to display the results. It is illogical to use a pie chart because of the nature of this question (the same problem as a multiple choice type).

Options & Settings

  • Add an image or video to the question.

  • Type of matrix: 

    • single choice, 

    • multiple choice, 

    • text answers (comment boxes).