Click on the Settings in the main menu in your survey editor.

You will see these basic survey settings options:

  • Survey deadlines - enable to set a start / due date for when your survey will be accessible and will be collecting answers.
  • Survey language – changes the language of the survey, which affects survey system texts like default help texts, button and warning messages.
  • Multiple submissions – when ON, you can collect multiple responses from more people from a single device (pc, smartphone). Example: students in a classroom can answer the survey on teachers' computer. 
  • Question auto scroll – very useful feature especially for respondents who use mobile devices that saves a lot of clicks and makes survey submission a piece of cake. It helps you get more questions with less effort. After a respondent answers a question, new question automatically appears - no need to click the Next question button. Single choice question types are supported only. 
  • Return to previous questions – you can prevent your respondents to return to previous questions if necessary. 
  • Question numbers – turns ON / OFF automatic question numbering.

Warning: You must translate the content of your survey yourself. Survio does not provide translation for your questions, descriptions, etc.

Advanced settings are acessible via the side menu:

  • Response notification by e-mail - Receive an e-mail when someone submits your survey.,
  • Custom URL parameters - Add own data to your survey dynamically (customer ID, order ID, country, etc.) using URL parameters.
  • Redirect respondents to a website – a premium feature that enables redirection of all respondents to your e-shop, website or blog right after the survey submission. You can offer a discount, say a personal thank you or award respondents for their time and effort.

Tip: The basic setting of response collection can be found in this article - How to activate or deactivate response collection. You can also receive new response notifications to your email. For advanced users, we have created a tutorial for adding custom data to your survey using URL parameters. You can also connect Survio and Google Analytics and receive important marketing metrics.