You can create an unlimited number of surveys with an unlimited number of questions. All users with a free account have a limit of 100 collected responses per month. 

  • One response (answer) = One saved and submitted survey
  • One month = one calendar month

How do the limits work?

The limit of collected responses is summed up for the whole account (not per single survey). Examples: 

  • With just one survey, you can collect one hundred responses.

  • With two surveys, you can collect fifty responses per each survey in an ideal situation. one hundred responses for your whole account.

  • With five surveys, you can collect twenty responses per each survey in an ideal situation. One hundred responses for your whole account.

The limit counter is reset on the first day of a new month, so you can collect another hundred responses for free.

What happens to the answers that are collected above the limit?

Survio saves all incoming responses. If your survey is so successful that it collects more than one hundred answers, you have two options:

  1. Keep your FREE account as it is and just see the first hundred responses.

  2. Activate any premium plan and increase your limits significantly.

Warning: According to our rules, data exceeding the limit imposed on FREE accounts is deleted after 30 days from your account expiration date. All premium plans are fully saved and backed up for the duration of your active subscription.