At some point, you might want, or need, to put your own texts at the beginning or at the end of a survey page, especially more complex surveys that  need explanations or respondent instructions for some questions. How to do this:

1. Click the (+) symbol between the questions (The same as when you want to create a new question), and choose the last item Custom text.

2. A small text editor appears where you can write your text.

The text is saved once you click outside of the textbox. The textbox will not be visible in the published survey. 


  • You cannot change the font type. You can change the alignment, boldness or italics. Premium customers can additionally add a web link.
  • If your survey has multiple pages you can add explanatory text to the beginning or the end that helps respondents get oriented. 
  • You can also add your contact information to each survey page (name of the author, email address, phone number, etc.).