Use the filters feature when you want to see a division of the results, for example of women or men.

1. Click the Results top menu item.

2. Click on the link + Create segments & filters.

3. If you want to filter results by sex, for instance, (you want to know how men responded), select Answers

4. Choose question number one – What is your sex?

5. Choose the Man item in answers. Then click Create filter button.

6. In the top part of the Results page you will see the list of Active filters. You will also see how many results Match your filter = 4.

7. From now on, ALL RESULTS, REPORTS AND EXPORTED FILES will be filtered by your active filters - the results of  men only.

8. If you download PDF and XLS files, ensure that you name them accordingly,  for example:“men-results.pdf, men-answers.xls,” so you know that these are the results of men only.

9. If you wish to know what the results are for women only, cancel all active filters by clicking on the small cross near every filter in the active filters section.

10. Repeat steps two to five, but in the filter settings choose,” Women” in answers

11. Now you have filtered women in all the results and exports.

12. Save your PDF and XLS files and name them “women.pdf, women.xls”.

13. Now you can start comparing results between women and men.

Male satisfaction data

Female satisfaction data

Tip: FREE users can create just one filter at a time. Customers with an active BUSINESS or ELITE premium plan can create an unlimited number of filters at a time, which could be combined. It is possible to filter results by more questions, for example: gender + education, gender and salary, etc.