Use discarding responses from the processing function if you wish to exclude:

  • Your own testing responses,

  • low quality or vulgar responses,

  • irrelevant responses (when cleaning data).

What happens when I discard a response?

All discarded answers will NOT be PROCESSED in the automatic result analysis. Likewise, they will NOT be included in reports and data files, (summary results and individual responses).

How to discard a response

1. Click on the Results top menu item.

2. Click to the Individual responses tab.

3. Change the switch to the OFF position for the response you wish to discard.

4. Discarded answer, (the whole line) turns grey and the switch will remain in the OFF position. It means that this particular response will not be processed and included in results, reports and neither in the data exports.

How to delete a response

Do not delete responses if you just wish to exclude them from processing. Refer to the previous section on discarding answers.

There are cases when the answers really need to be deleted. This is mainly due to the protection of respondents data. According to GDPR legislation, you are required to delete all of your data at the request of your respondent.

1. Delete a response in the same table as the discarding by clicking the Trash icon.

2. Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window, and then click the Delete button.

3. After you delete the answer,  there will remain a blank, red line. The answers are not hidden as in the case of discarding, but they are permanently deleted.

Warning: Deleting answers is irreversible step and cannot be undone! Think twice before you delete something.