Dashboards are a handy Survio PRO feature that can be used to visualize your most important data. Learn how to set them up by reading this article.

Dashboards are created per survey

Creating a dashboard

1. On the survey overview screen, select the survey whose data you want to visualize with dashboards.

2. Select Dashboards from the menu on the left-hand side.

3. Click Create dashboard in the upper right corner, and select the question(s) you want to include in your dashboard.

4. You can give your dashboard a name that reflects the type of data visualized, or to which division/month/quarter/etc. the data belongs to. 

5. When you've added the questions you want to visualise, you can also edit how the dashboards look. Change the colours, axis labels and the type of charts by clicking on each data pane.

You can of course apply filters so you see the most relevant responses. 

Sharing a dashboard

Every dashboard can be shared. You can also embed them as a summary showing the survey's current results on the survey's exit page.

Click on the Share button to open the sharing dialogue. You can share a URL or send the dashboard link through Survio's e-mailing tool. If you want to share the results via your survey's exit page, you must enable via on your survey's final page in the survey builder.

Setting up scheduled reports of your dashboards

By clicking the Automated reporting button, next to the Share button, you can set up automatic reports. These reports will be sent to your e-mail address according to your chosen parameters.