The Net Promoter Score is used to measure the loyalty of customers or employees. Customers (employees) respond to a very simple question: "How likely would you recommend us to your friends?". They give a rating on a fixed scale from 0 to 10.

Tip: We recommend following the NPS question with a text answer (comment box) where respondents can give more detailed reviews, praise or criticism.

Analyzing results

The analysis process is strictly given by the NPS® methodology. Respondents are divided into three groups:

  • Critics - unhappy and disloyal customers - you lose them, they churn and do not come back.
  • Neutral - satisfied but disloyal, easily go to your competition.
  • Promoters - satisfied, loyal and returning customers.

The total NPS® score is calculated automatically in Survio. Values might range from -100% (extremely negative) to + 100% (extremely positive).

Tip: It is recommended to repeat the NPS survey regularly and measure it for a long period of time. Then you will be able to benchmark month over month, do a year over year comparison and see how you perform. Work with all customer groups - try to minimize the number of critics, fix what has failed them and have more customers in the future - retention and revenue increases.


Standard visualisations are used according to NPS® methodology.

Options & Settings

  • Add an image or video to the question.
  • Obligatory/optional question

For some tips and tricks, please visit the article on our blog: Net Promoter Score®: NPS is gaining popularity – Part 1